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April 2017

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Welcome to our first newsletter in 2017. Today’s focus is on grid development in India and Thailand. Integrated grid development benefits the society and offers chances for the economy. Learn more about Siemens important role as a long-term partner in both countries. 

Energy Management Transmission Solutions

Connecting grids
he success of the economy depends on the power supply infrastructure and future power grids are based on our current decisions.

Therefore grid development plays an important role for the society. Learn more about Siemens role in supporting and connecting grids for secure, cost-efficient and reliable power transmission in Thailand.
> Powering 21st century Thailand 
Power for all
arge synchronous AC power systems are gaining in complexity. They have to cope with an increasing demand of sustainable energy, especially in India with its rapidly growing industry. India’s Ministry of Power has started the initiative "24 x 7 Power for all".

HVDC solutions for an efficient, low-loss AC/DC hybrid grid:

Siemens in a consortium with Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. has been contracted to build the first project combining latest VSC technology features with transmission of HVDC power via both HV power cable and traditional overhead line configuration in Asia. Such hybrid grids ensure better controllability of power flows, help bypassing heavily loaded AC systems and provide Grid Access of renewable energies.
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Additional content:
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